Polymer Rollers require no special handling, chemicals or wipes. The tacky polymer surface of the roller lifts particulate matter without liquids or sprays and is cleaned during the machine process when it comes in contact with the adhesive rolls.

Polymer Data Sheet


Item: Description:
High tack (dark blue) Highly contaminated panels
Low tack (green) Ideal for panels with dry film prior to exposure
SMC (yellow) Silicone free cleaning roller for general purpose use where silicone cannot be used
Standard (light blue) For cleaning flex circuits, Artwork, and use on rigid, thicker substrates such as copper panels, etc.

Mini-Tak is made of a unique adhesive coating that stops particles from becoming airborne during cleaning. The lightweight construction and simple handle causes less fatigue during the cleaning process and reduces costs by eliminating the need to close clean room or shut down production for maintenance. It is ideal to gently lift contaminants from small surfaces.

Clean Room Supplies Data Sheet

The SDI Hand & Glove Cleaner is simple way to cut costs and improve yields. When using gloves, theis product will cut your cost of glove replacement. This unit is designed to extend the life of disposable and reusable gloves with as little inconvenience as possible. This allows longer usage from your gloves while maintaining a cleaner working environment. For bare hand assembly, the benefits will show in reduced scrap and cleaner final assemblies.

Glove Cleaner Data Sheet

The wet version of Clean Wipes is 50/50 blend of strong polyester fibers hydroentangled with absorbent cellulosic fibers saturated with 70/30 alcohol. It is strong and ideal from general wiping.

Clean Room Supplies Data Sheet

Our Dust Removal System is the ultimate tool for cleaning particulate contaminants. Unwanted particles as small as one micron are readily removed from the substrate. High tack (BLUE) is use on rigid, thicker substrates such as copper panels. Medium tack (RED) is used on substrates such as flex circuits, photo tools, artwork and glass. Medium tack general purpose (LIGHT BLUE) is appropriate for all the substrates mentioned above in the medium tack level with special emphasis on cleaning thin or delicate substrates.

The 6 in. and 12 in. DRS handles are available in metal and plastic, and all sizes have a straight or 30 degree handle. Custom sizes and configurations available on request.

***** WARNING: The GP blue roller is recommended for photo papers. Use only light pressure and slow rolling speed when rolling blank, unprinted sheets or borders on photo papers like Premium Luster, Premium Glossy, Exhibition Fiber Paper, Metallic Photo Luster and Glossy, Legacy Baryta, and Legacy Platine. The microporous coatings on these papers could be damaged or torn if a too much pressure or speed with the roller is used.

Dust Removal System Data Sheet

The dry version of Clean Wipes is 50/50 blend of strong polyester fibers hydroentangled with absorbent cellulosic fibers. It is absorbent, strong and ideal for general wiping. Also available in non-woven (lint-free).

Clean Room Supplies Data Sheet

The SDI Floor and Wall Cleaning Rollers were designed specifically for cleaning the interior floors and walls of the clean room. This product provides a cleaning solution for this critical environment that prevents particles from becoming airborne. These rollers can also be used during actual production, minimizing the down time for maintenance of clean rooms.

Clean Walk Mats keep the manufacturing area clean by collecting particulate matter and contaminates from the soles of shoes before entering clean areas. Each mat contains 30 or 50 adhesive layers mounted on .002 in. (.05mm) polyethylene backing.

Clean Room Supplies Data Sheet

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