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Dust Removal System

Our Dust Removal System is the ultimate tool for cleaning particulate contaminants. Unwanted particles as small as one micron are readily removed from the substrate. High tack (BLUE) is use on rigid, thicker substrates such as copper panels. Medium tack (RED) is used on substrates such as flex circuits, photo tools, artwork and glass. Medium tack general purpose (LIGHT BLUE) is appropriate for all the substrates mentioned above in the medium tack level with special emphasis on cleaning thin or delicate substrates.

The 6 in. and 12 in. DRS handles are available in metal and plastic, and all sizes have a straight or 30 degree handle. Custom sizes and configurations available on request.

***** WARNING: The GP blue roller is recommended for photo papers. Use only light pressure and slow rolling speed when rolling blank, unprinted sheets or borders on photo papers like Premium Luster, Premium Glossy, Exhibition Fiber Paper, Metallic Photo Luster and Glossy, Legacy Baryta, and Legacy Platine. The microporous coatings on these papers could be damaged or torn if a too much pressure or speed with the roller is used.

Dust Removal System Data Sheet

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