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UV Exposure Film & Supplies
  UV Protective Clear Lamp Sleeves
UV Protective Clear Lamp Sleeves are designed to offer UV protection against unwanted exposure during the production of PCB’s. The selective transmittance characteristics of the plastic material additive filters out UV rays from 0 to 385 Nanometers. The lamp sleeves are made of a clear extruded polycarbonate, featuring high tensile strength over a wide temperature range and high impact strength at low temperature. Each box contains 24 individual sleeves.
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Item: Description:
UV-CLR1 20 in. (508mm)
UV-CLR2 36 in. (914mm)
UV-CLR3 40 in. (1016mm)
UV-CLR4 48 in. (1219mm)
UV-CLR5 72 in. (1829mm)
UV-CLR6 96 in. (2438mm)
UV-CLR7 End caps (2 per sleeve required)
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